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megalito · 2014

Litofagos are a series of works based on the absorption of stones; megalith is the first of them, through which a collective action, a megalith was ingested.

phagia graphia // The ingestion of exogenous bodies
impregnates the bodies with foreign information and inscribes
in them new transferred forms.

Megalito is a collective action that took place at Banff Centre in collaboration with Dustin Wilson and Postcommodity.

Expropriation of territories to their settlers and protection of the universal moral the Earth facing the human action are shown with special clarity in Banff. It is a village constructed for tourism in 1880 in the confluence of three valleys, Blackfeet’s sacred territory. It was declared a national park in 1887, and entered a protection process expelling its native inhabitants between 1890 and 1920. Today we encounter an unreachable and fixed stamp, protected by the State ethics.

There is no memory without usage.

“(…) I guess they were looking for something under the buildings. Like some stupid architectural spelunkers, they went searching for chunks of the mountain, hidden from plain sight. These people were not satisfied with looking at the postcard picture and breathing the clean air. They felt the need to get into the dirt and the junk space.

Limestone is made of billions of microscopic lives. Every inch is the result of thousands of years of micro-fossil accumulation; crustaceans and cephalopods from the Palaeozoic era cemented together by calcite and dolomite crystals. (…) They never said they did, but I certainly believe they intended to ingest the mountain in order to literally have it inside their stomachs and thus break any kind of immunity they were influenced by. They wanted to infiltrate inside of those basements to profane and appropriate that new territory. And so I believe they ate it. (…)”

With the infiltration of exogenous bodies we ingest their information, making the objects and their worship disappear.