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ærolito · 2014

Litofagos are a series of works based on the absortion of stones; aerolito is the second series, through which a collective action, and meteorite was ingested.

phagia graphia // The ingestion of exogenous bodies
impregnates the bodies with foreign information and inscribes
in them new transferred forms.

Each meteorite is a scientific stellar asset capable of providing unique astrobiologic information about the evolution of our cosmos. On board of the meteorites, molecules were able to reach the earth. These molecules were essential for the development of life on earth. Meteorites help us to explore the remote past by performing a collision archaeological study, which indeed provokes a time travel. A fragment of the cosmic memory permeates our current reality becoming a lucubration support.

With the infiltration of exogenous bodies we ingest their information, making the objects and their worship disappear.


Where some people see nourishment others can only see stones.

…Then the Sun fell and fire consumed everything, destroying trees, plants, animals and men. Some mocoví people that feared the fire dived into the water and became capybaras and alligators. Two of them, husband and wife, sought refuge on a towering tree, from which they glimpsed rivers of fire flooding the surface of the earth; unexpectedly, the fire rose upwards, burning their faces and turning them into monkeys”.


alfonsoborragan_aerolito DNA
Litofagos: ærolito DNA. Documentación of the meteorite ingestion. Collective Litofago Calculus formed by metorite, magnetic dust and saliva. Ext. Barcelona 2014.